Polar Printer

I have been working on building a 3D printer that houses all of the electronics underneath the build plate. In 2024 I have started a complete redesign around a linear rail, a 90deg heater block and an igus bushing.

This cantilevered core-RZ configuration using a single belt (inverted H-Bot) makes the machine capable of doing complex and fast non planar print moves.

The 30cm diameter printbed rotates and when detached, the entire printer is just 7cm wide.

The bowden tube runs through the frame and the hotend makes the filament take a 90deg turn.


A custom heatblock will reduced the hotend angle to 45deg to allow for printing 90deg overhangs. The bed will be hot swappable with a linear bed, a belt for bigger prints and a combination of the rotary and linear axis to achieve get full 5 axis control.